”Mitzi, Iggy och Pop” illustrations for children's book

"Mitzi, Iggy och Pop" is the third book in the trilogy about Mitzi.
Written by Mårten Sandén.
Published by Rabén & Sjögren, autumn 2014.
For more information about the book look here: www.rabensjogren.se

”Mitzi på maskerad” illustrations for children's book

"Mitzi på maskerad" is the second book in the trilogy about the 7 years old Mitzi.
Written by Mårten Sandén.
Published by Rabén & Sjögren 2014.
For more information about the book look here: www.rabensjogren.se

“Mitzi i mitten” illustrations for children's book
Mitzi i mitten” is a children's book written by Mårten Sandén.
Published by Rabén & Sjögren 2013.
For more information about the book look here: www.rabensjogren.se

"Hej förlagsredaktör!" - Animation for Illustratörcentrum.
To be shown at Göteborgs Bokmässa (The Gothenburg Book Fair) and on Illustratörcentrum's website. 2011.
Design, direction, illustration, animation, sound: Åsa Arnehed
Music: Ironville.
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2010 I finished my first graphic novel Ninnibuu.
Support by the Swedish Arts Grants Committeé
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Emilia "Emilia" - animated short film

Emilia is a film for and about children with a parent in prison.
The film is based on interviews and brings up things that children
with a parent in prison often think about.
The production was a collaboration between me and Bryggan Stockholm,
and financed by the Swedish State Inheritance Fund.
Première 19 nov 2008 at the Swedish Film Institute.
- www.bryggan.a.se -
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Record cover “Welcome to Ironville"
Illustration and design of record cover to the Swedish group Ironvilles debut album “Welcome to Ironville"
with release dec 2009. The album is produced by Markus Krunegård (Laakso) and was recorded by Martin Ehrencrona (Konie & I Are Droid). The album is mastered by Andreas Tilliander.
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Design work for the organisation Operation 1325
Poster, t-shirt and bag design.
Operation 1325 work with FN:s resolution 1325, Women, Peace and Security.

TV Vignette for UR (Utbildningsradion)
"Rättens Riddare" - an animated vignette for children's TV.
Made in collaboration with Karl-Johan Forss and starts in March 2008.


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Jewellery doll “Jewellery doll” animated short film
An animated film for a product designed by Malin Lundmark. 2007.
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El Perro Del Mar Music video for El Perro Del Mar
"God knows (you gotta give to get)” Directed by Åsa Arnehed
Animated by Åsa Arnehed, Olle Söderström, Malin Rosenqvist. 2006
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Bag Design
Bag Design, work produced for El Perro Del Mar, 2007
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Music video for LO-FI-FNK

Directed by Malin Rosenqvist. Animated by Malin Rosenqvist, Åsa Arnehed,
Alexandra Brixel. 2006.
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Karolinska University Hospital Animated films for Karolinska University Hospital
Three Animated information films for Karolinska University Hospital, 2006.
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Animated filler for MTV
2004. www.mtve.com

Animated film for Swedish Radio
Short animated film for the website of Swedish Radio. 2004.
The aim of the film was to inspire children to listen to radio.

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Friends Animated film for Friends
An animated film for the website of Friends, an organization formed in 1997 to help
schools set up a plan of action against bullying.
The film was made in collaboration with Alexandra Brixel and Malin Rosenqvist. 2005.
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Exhibition in Eksjö town and at Eksjö Museum 2005
“Strange Things are Happening, animation, Illustration & Electricity Boxes”
By Åsa Arnehed & Irene Lopez.

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Group show in Eksjö Museum 2005
I exhibited graphic short stories and Comics at Eksjö Museum

Libraries in Lund, January and February 2006
Irene Lopez and I speak about our project
“Strange Things are Happening, Animation, Illustration & Electricity Boxes”
We show illustrations and animated films in collaboration with Heterogenesis.

Scenography and poster
Scenography and poster for the production of “En schäfer utan tänder”
by Anna Karin Persson at Rosenlundsteatern in Stockholm, October 2006

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Scenography and poster
Scenography and poster for the production of
Stephen Kings "Misery" at the Playhouse theatre in Stockholm. 2004

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Bang IIlustrations for the magazine "Bang" www.bang.se

for the magazine "Hushållsvetaren" www.hushallsvetaren.net

Illustrations for the magazine "Folket i bild, Kulturfront"www.fib.se

Illustrations for the magazine Campus. www.campus.se

Illustrations for teaching material at Karolinska University Hospital. www.karolinska.se
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Illustrations for "Häst & Ryttare" the member magazine of the Swedish Horseman Association.

Illustrations for the magazine "Utsikt Världen". www.utsiktvarden.se

lllustrations for the magazine"Provins" dec. 06 nr 4. www.norrlitt.se/provins

Illustrated postcards A collaboration with the glasswork Glashyttan Waxholm. For sale in Hyttan. www.hyttan.com

lllustrations for Uusi Teatteri, Nya Finska Teatern. www.uusiteatteri.se