I got the idea for the film in the spring 2006.
Everything started one evening with a conversation I had with my father, who works as
a children’s psychologist. He told me about how children and families can be affected by
the fact that one parent is put in prison.
It struck me that the feelings of these children must be very ambiguous.
They want to love their parent, they are still their parent. At the same time the parent has
done something prohibited.
Are you allowed to love someone who has done something forbidden?
How is a child affected by such a situation?

I began researching the subject and soon realised there was very little information
on the subject and few resources for children in this situation.
Approximately 8-10 000 children in Sweden have one or, in some cases, both parents
deprived of their liberty.

I wanted make an animated film about this issue and for it to be of help for these children.
A film told from a child’s point of view.

Through Kriminalvården (the Swedish institution of correctional treatment for offenders)
I came in contact with Bryggan, a non-profit organisation. Bryggan offers support to children
and young people with a parent who is or has been in prison.
I told them about all my thoughts and that I wanted to do an animated film on the subject.
I described how it is possible to use the language of animation
to express difficult and strong feelings.

Bryggan was interested in my idea and we started collaborating. We were able to realize the project
with help from the foundation “Arvsfonden” and also contributions from “Skandia Ideer för livet”.

The outcome of our collaboration is the film “Emilia”.
In addition to the film, material was also made that can be used as guidance when performing
a group discussion based on the film. The guidance material is written by Marianne Matsgård
and illustrated with images from the film.

The film mainly addresses children and young people with a parent who is
or has been in prison. Also their parents and professionals who meet this
vulnerable group through their work are an important audience.
The film is also used for the purpose of spreading knowledge on how it is
for children to have a parent in prison.

The film was produced 2007- 2008.
Many children, young adults, inmate parents and other people
with experience were interviewed before writing the manuscript.
Visits were made on both open and closed prisons in researching
for the manuscript and the design.

Åsa Arnehed

Director: Åsa Arnehed

Manuscript: Åsa Arnehed, Karl-Johan Forss och Maria Reihs

Character design and film design: Åsa Arnehed

Storyboard och animatic: Åsa Arnehed och Karl-Johan Forss

Compositing: Karl-Johan Forss

Åsa Arnehed, karl-Johan Forss, Stefanie Bokeloh,
Christofer Ahde och Olle Söderström

Agnieszka Lewalski och Kim Creutzer

Music: Magnus Larsson

The song in Emilias Ipod is: ”Glory to the world ” med El Perro Del Mar

Matilda Strömbäck, Axel Andersson, Alva Vierth, Frida Röhl, Robert Jelinek
Eivor Långström, Karl-Johan Forss, Martin Vallas, Åse Åsenlund, Stina Michelson,
Anders Habenicht och Agnieszka Lewalski

The Graphic Design for the dvd and the bok is made by: Fingerspitz

Time: 20 min and 24 sec

Åsa Arnehed
tel. + 46 (0) 709 853977

Bryggan Stockholm
tel. + 46 (0)8-501 293 10

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